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Learning Leadership

Since starting my business in 2000, I’ve helped thousands of ambitious people accelerate their leadership and achieve their potential. 

And now I’d like to offer YOU the same opportunity!

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

    1. Work with me directly; or
    2. Scroll down for a useful selection of purpose-built products to improve your leadership.

Learning leadership is it’s greatest reward. Enjoy!

I’m proud to have worked with people from some amazing organisations such as:

Leadership Essentials $497

Learning Leadership: Leadership Essentials button

Leadership Essentials is your online leadership compass. It’ll guide your leadership in the right direction as you grow yourself and take others with you.

This comprehensive course is backed by academic rigour and proven to work. 


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“There’s so much information available to us, current affairs, LinkedIn, books, uni talks, mentors. This course is something edgier. It’s dealing with real life work issues. It’s actionable. I grew and developed in such a short time. Each session leaves you feeling energized.”

Sydney, Australia

The Lessons in Leadership Audio Series $97

Learning Leadership- Lessons in Leadership: The Audio Series button


Join thousands of people, from over 100 countries worldwide, who have become better leaders and supercharged their career with the Lessons in Leadership audio series.


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“This is just the best set of leadership interviews I have ever listened to.”

United Kingdom


Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Learning Leadership- Leading through the Covid-19 Crisis button


Get the psychology behind leading people through the COVID-19 crisis. Why? Because how you show up and lead now will be remembered. And they need you now more than ever.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

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“Thank you for your generosity and for providing a quality online program for free. I’ve passed it on to a colleague. With a newly formed team and then the pandemic, It’s been an important part of the resources from which I’m drawing insights, calm and strength.”

Melbourne, Australia

Lessons in Leadership: The Mini Course

Learning Leadership- Lessons in Leadership: The Mini Course button


On this Mini Course for leaders, you’ll get the framework for diagnosing tricky people problems at work, along with simple, effective strategies to turn them around.

It’s based on my award-winning PhD research. And it’s FREE!


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“I can’t believe it’s free!”

Melbourne, Australia

Executive Presence

Learning Leadership- STEP UP + STAND OUT: Master the Executive Presence Essentials button

Improve your executive presence with your FREE Executive Presence eBook and Checklist. It’s easier than you think!


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“I like that this eBook gave me some ideas to think about and easy action steps for me to try out and improve my presence. Thanks!”

Sydney, Australia

Successful Salary Negotiations

Learning Leadership- Successful Salary Negotiations button

Women, get paid what you’re worth! Learn how in this FREE Successful Salary Negotiations eBook.


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“Thanks for this great resource, Michelle. More great work and insights.”


The Attuned Leader

Access Michelle’s attuned leadership insights for better connections at work.


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“Another great blog I can relate to. I’ve shared this on LinkedIn.”



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